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Author: Jeroen Korving

The Best Golf Courses near Málaga

21 June 2021
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Jeroen Korving
Málaga is your main entry point when visiting Southern Spain’s most popular region, Andalucía. The leisurely Andalusian lifestyle and lovely Málaga make it an ideal place for a golf break any time of the year. Málaga Airport is important for Spanish tourism as it is the main international airport serving the Costa Del Sol. Málaga Airport is located just 8 km (5 miles) southwest of Málaga and 5 km (3 miles) north of Torremolinos.
The city of Málaga (photo credits: Jonas Denil via Unsplash)

Málaga, a city worth exploring

Málaga is the largest city on the Costa del Sol, it has a typical Mediterranean climate and is known as the birthplace of the famous Spanish artist Pablo Picasso. Many tourists skip Málaga while heading for the Costa del Sol, but the city is packed with history. If you are on a golf trip to the Málaga area, go and visit the city, even if it is just for one evening. Málaga is a beautiful port city with great beaches, but it's also very old. Its ancient Arabic past and the Moorish domination have left their trace. On the top of the Gibralfaro hill, you'll find the Alcazaba (citadel), a fortress looking at the sea. Just beneath the Alcazaba, are the ruins of a Roman Theater. Other interesting cultural highlights in Málaga are the Centre Pompidou (Modern Art), the Picasso Museum and Museo de Málaga

When visiting Málaga, you can’t miss the opportunity to taste Málaga’s seafood. Boquerones - salty little fish - is one of the tastiest typical dishes from Malaga. Actually, all the food in the area is amazing, as well as its tapas. Plaza de la Merced, minutes away from the Roman Theatre, is known for its tapas. Many tapas bars here serve local beer for just 1 euro. The most popular restaurant for tapas is Tapeo de Cervantes. Málaga also boasts one of the world’s oldest wine regions, with the star product being the deliciously sweet local wine. Sip on a bit of history at Antigua Casa de Guardia, the city’s oldest wine bar, which was founded in 1840.
Alcazaba de Málaga and the ruins of the Roman Theater (photo credits: Maksym Abramov)

Best golf courses near Málaga

Many golfers travelling to Spain will have been to Málaga Airport. Most of the traffic handled by the airport is from the European Union. The United Kingdom is the destination with the highest volume of passengers, with London Gatwick heading the table, followed by Manchester. These British airports are followed by other European destinations: Dublín, Brussels, Amsterdam Schiphol and Copenhagen.

The following golf courses near Málaga and are definitely worth a visit according to other golfers. These golf courses are located less than 50km from the city centre of Málaga. This list was created in June 2021. Most of these Málaga golf courses are bookable online and real-time via Leading Courses. 

Book your tee time online for golf courses in Málaga

On Leadingcourses.com you'll find a lot of bookable golf courses in the Málaga area. This gives you the opportunity to select the best golf courses, based on the location where you are staying and by reading the reviews of other golfers. Leading Courses connects real-time and directly with the tee sheet of the golf clubs, so you will have a clear overview of all available tee times at any date. You can also see the rates per time slot (i.e. early bird, twilight) and secure them by booking online. You are also able to choose for flexibility, which means you will be able to cancel your tee time for a full refund up to 48 hours of your tee time. 

If you have any questions or issues, just chat with our customer support department! You will see a chat button once you enter the booking flow of any golf course. 
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