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Top 10 golf courses in Europe

Looking for some inspiration to play golf in Europe? This is Leading Courses’ top 10 golf courses in Europe. These golf courses have been played and reviewed by Leading Courses users. Based on their reviews these 10 are rated as the best golf courses in Europe. If Europe has less than 10 golf courses, we display the actual number of golf courses in Europe.

Golf in Europe

Today golf in Europe is well established throughout the North and West of Europe and is making steady progress into Central Europe and Southeastern regions. Countries with the highest number of golf facilities are: England, Germany, France, Scotland, Sweden, Ireland, Spain and Italy. Based on the density of above-average golf clubs in a certain country (or region), our rating per country suggests that the following countries are well worth a visit when planning your next golfbreak or golf holiday: United Kingdom (incl. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland), Ireland, The Netherlands and Belgium. Most golfers however still flock to popular and sunny golf destinations like Portugal (Algarve), Spain and Turkey.
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