The Best Maintained Golf Clubs in Europe

07 December 2021
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Jeroen Korving
We regularly conduct surveys amongst our members about what is important for them when selecting a golf course. The level of maintenance is always mentioned in the top 5. We couldn't agree more. Everyone likes fair, smooth and well-manicured greens, but also tee-boxes need to be in order. And, if you hit that straight drive on the fairway, then you expect the fairway to have the right thickness and consistency to hit a good second ball. As we are golfers ourselves, nothing can be more frustrating than greenside bunkers without any sand in them or a rough which keeps eating your golf balls.
Immaculate fairways at Real Club Valderrama (photo credits: Leading Courses member Wonder)

First of all, as a golfer, we can all play our part in helping greenkeepers by repairing pitch marks,  divots and by raking the bunkers. Right now we can see an interesting paradox when it comes to maintenance. The global COVID pandemic on the one hand has increased the popularity of golf as it is an activity that enables social distancing and outdoor social interaction. This is why golf course maintenance locally is more crucial than ever to ensure guest satisfaction due to higher demand. On the other hand, as people aren't allowed to travel as much as before this had quite an impact on golf courses in countries which heavily depend on tourism. In many cases, these golf courses had to decrease their staff which often had a direct impact on the level of maintenance provided resulting in a lower rating given by our members.

We obviously understand the need to cut costs, but what we see is that cutting costs on maintenance will have a large effect on customer satisfaction and overall rating, which will have a negative ripple effect. Because a lower rating means fewer people visiting, which then might lead to the need to lower green fee prices which will lead to further cost-cutting.

Golf Courses with the Best Maintenance in Europe

Because of the importance of golf course maintenance, we decided to provide you with a list of the top 5 golf courses in Europe in terms of maintenance. We only ranked golf clubs with at least 50 reviews or more. When visiting our website, it's very easy to make your own specific lists based on your personal preferences by using the filters. Just give it a try! Check the complete list of golf courses with above-average maintenance (8 and higher) on our site.

The golf clubs below are ranked on overall rating, but we also added the rating for golf course maintenance. If we would only isolate the rating for golf course maintenance, then Real Club Valderrama would score the highest with a 9.6 in total. What we see is that golf courses focusing on quality have managed to keep their maintenance at a very high level.

Les Bordes Golf (France) - maintenance: 9.5

Kingsbarns Golf Links (Scotland) - maintenance: 9.3

Real Club Valderrama (Spain) - maintenance: 9.6

Monte Rei Golf & Country Club (Portugal) - maintenance: 9.1

Finca Cortesin Golf Club (Spain) - maintenance: 9.3

At the end of the year we will freeze our rankings and based on the rankings on 31st of December we will hand out the Golfers' Choice Rankings per category (so also golf course maintenance) for each country. We will announce the winners of the Golfers' Choice Rankings 2022 around March/April 2022.

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