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Zagaleta: unique is the word

18 September 2023
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La Zagaleta is a private estate founded in 1990 by Enrique Pérez Flores. His idea of creating a place at the foot of the Ronda Mountains that would coexist in perfect harmony with nature has already become a symbol of exclusivity in the Costa del Sol. In 1992 the construction of the first golf course (designed by Bradford Benz) started. In 2005 another course was added to the estate, the New Course.

Zagaleta's name comes from the Castilian word “zagala” which means “young shepherdess” and goes back to the time when they inhabited these lands to use them as a route between Marbella and Ronda.

With a maximum of 420 homes on the estate, the number of owner-members is capped, which ensures unparalleled availability and accessibility to the golf. A round of golf at La Zagaleta was up to 2020 a private experience only open to residents, family members and select friends.

From its privileged position, La Zagaleta blends in among century-old trees, fauna, and unique species with almost 900 hectares to offer unbeatable leisure facilities: golf courses, a riding club, tennis and paddle, heliport, hiking, a social club, and all kinds of personalised services.

Having a business model based on exclusivity, privacy and low building density where the ecosystem has been totally respected, it’s possible to see La Zagaleta as a form of nature reserve. Red and fallow deer and mouflon are just some of the wildlife that visitors will almost certainly come across during their round on Zagaleta New Course. There’s no queuing, no waiting, just immaculate service and two of the finest golf courses in Europe.

Zagaleta New Course, an experience that only a few can enjoy


Zagaleta New Course was designed in 2005 by “Gaunt & Marnoch”, who took care of every detail to create a recreational space that merges with nature in an 18-hole course with beautiful obstacles and doglegs. Only here, in such a magical setting, can you see deer and fallow deer, among others, only a few metres away while hitting the ball.

Opening Zagaleta New Course to outside visitors for three hours a day, 200 days a year, came out of the desire to revise and update the arrangement between the club and the overall estate. Zagaleta New Course and its facilities were severely underutilised, the estate invested a large sum of money in the complete renovation of the clubhouse, car park and in improvements to the golf course.

What is Zagaleta New Course like?


At first glance, it is almost impossible to imagine how a golf course could have been built in such terrain. When you look at the finished work, you can’t help but be impressed by what a brilliant job the architects Gaunt & Marnoch have done with a challenge of this nature. Zagaleta New Course is a shorter but technically challenging round where accuracy off the tee is essential for a good score. In general, the greens are wide and undulating, the surface is in perfect shape and their normal speed gives a very similar experience to what the professionals are used to on their big tour circuits.

The arrival at the clubhouse, the hospitality, the extraordinary quality of the food and service together with the spectacular views during your play and from the clubhouse terrace make playing Zagaleta New Course an exceptional experience.


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