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Author: Jeroen Korving

12 Halloween golf courses with scary names

30 October 2023
3 min. read
Jeroen Korving
On Leading Courses, we come by golf courses with remarkable names on a daily basis when golfers share their reviews. As it's Halloween today, we bring you these 12 "Halloween Golf Courses" with scary names!
Would you dare to play on these golf courses with scary names?

We've only listed golf courses here that have a review or where at least one photo was uploaded by either the golf club or our community.

1. White Witch Golf Course at Rose Hall 🧙🏻‍♀️

Tee off at the eerie White Witch Golf Course, where ghostly legends roam the lush fairways, and players often feel an otherworldly presence among the ancient trees.

2. Devil’s Pulpit – Paintbrush & Pulpit 😈

  1. This devilishly challenging course lives up to its name, where the undulating fairways and treacherous bunkers will test even the bravest golfers' skills.

3. Settler’s Ghost Golf Club 👻

Amidst the whispering winds and shadowy forests, Settler's Ghost Golf Club beckons golfers to a spine-tingling round on its hauntingly beautiful links.

4. Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club – Ghost Creek & Witch Hollow 🎃

Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club's mystique lies in its namesake, where the whispering pines and elusive spirits make each round a journey through the spectral.

5. Devil’s Thumb Golf Club 👹👍

Players beware, for Devil's Thumb Golf Club conceals devilish challenges in its gnarled fairways, tempting the most intrepid golfers to confront their fears.

6. Spooky Brook Golf Course 💀

Step onto the eerie greens of Spooky Brook Golf Course, where each stroke resonates with echoes of the past, and the shadows cast by ancient oaks seem to come to life.

7. Dismal River Golf Club 😞

Dismal River Golf Club offers an otherworldly golf experience, where the desolate landscape and haunting tranquility provide the backdrop for an unforgettable round.

8. Haunted Lakes Golf Club 👻🏞️

Golfers who dare to face the water hazards at Haunted Lakes Golf Club may find themselves trading strokes with more than just fellow players in this supernatural realm.

9. Trump National Doral – Blue Monster 🗣

Prepare to tackle the notorious Blue Monster, where the fiendish layout and menacing bunkers have left golfers trembling in their spikes for years.

10. Furnace Creek Golf Course at Death Valley ☠️

Nestled in the heart of Death Valley, the Furnace Creek Golf Course offers a scorching challenge as players contend with the blazing sun and the specter of parched fairways.

11. The Devil's Claw - Whirlwind Golf Club 🐾

The Devil's Claw, an infernal creation at Whirlwind Golf Club, lures golfers into its malevolent embrace with treacherous sand traps and devilish greens.

12. The Witch Golf Links

Embark on a bewitched golfing journey at The Witch Golf Links, where the ancient oaks seem to whisper secrets and the fairways conceal enchanting mysteries.

We hope you like this selection of Halloween Golf Clubs with scary names! If you have played them, feel free to share your photos and reviews on Leading Courses. Have you ever played a golf course with a scary name and it's not on this list? Please share it with us and we will add it! Just click the button below to send us an email, or contact me/us via the social media icons below.

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